Chocolate from the forest

NELLEULLA is an exclusive Latvian chocolate brand. Our roots and foundation are found in the North. Forest chocolate is invented, created and produced in

the Northern capital of Riga. When we created the NELLEULLA brand, we wanted to create something truly feminine and close to nature, because it is

nature that inspires us, soothes and helps us restore our strength. We observed the colors and tasted the nuances that are found in nature. We were

captivated by contrasts both in visuals and flavours. We have included these contrasts in NELLEULLA products with the help of our chocolatier

(chocolate master) Liene Zemīte. Our chocolate is wild, exquisite, real - without fraud and artificial flavours.


The NELLEULLA brand essence is wild beauty. Nature goods, wild flavors, timeless beauty and at the same time sophistication,

fragility and elegance. We love contrasts both in taste and visual appearance. Sweet and sour. The natural, uniquely shaped forms of

berries and carefully crafted packages, neat corners, silky ribbons.


NELLEULLA products are made solely from high quality raw materials - premium Belgian choco-late, freeze-dried berries,

which are more nutritious compared to dried berries and natural juices from Latvia. All NELLEULLA products are 100% hand-made.

Marmelades are boiled and poured, as well as our chocolate truffles are filled by our Northern Maidens. Each marmalade is

individually dipped in chocolate, and each truffle is separately dressed in pieces of berries. Berries for our "Berry Love" chocolate

collection are chosen by NELLEULLA girls - only berries of the same size are used for this collection. Then these berries are

thoroughly arranged in rows, carefully dipped onto hot chocolate bars. NELLEULLA packing department works with

the same attentivness.


Each truffle is packed in a individual package before placed in the large package. They are then thoroughly arranged in the big

truffle boxes. Inspired by the changing seasons, NELLEULLA packages of truffles, chocolate bars and marmalades change along

with the seasons. We have developed packa-ges for spring, summer and winter moods. NELLEULLA product package designs

have been created in cooperation with several designers from Latvia and each of them is like an artwork. Geometric shapes

shown on chocolate bar package designs depict the asymmetries of the nature. Whilst, “Berry Love” collection's chocolates are

packed in transpended paper and tied up with satin ribbons. Only a few specially trained girls are allowed to tie up ribbons onto

packages, ensuring that the ribbons are always intact and that the packages are perfectly smooth. We believe that beauty lies

in details, and that hand-crafted work and attentivness create the NELLEULLA products so delightful and enjoyable.



Exclusive products require special presentation. From creation of beautiful package up to the moment when the product reaches

the buyer. Therefore orders made at NELLEULLA online store are delivered free of charge within boarders of Riga. Meanwhile, our

shop at shopping center “Spice” is decorated as a fairytail forest. Exclusive dishes, natural goods, wildlife, berries and lots and lots of

chocolate. When visiting our shop, we wish you to feel the abundance of nature and its beauty. We want you to enjoy the best of

chocolate, when trying NELLEULLA chocolate.