Our Story


In the an ancient language her name means – a golden light, glow and power. Truly – look into the eyes of all the maidens of light from the clean Northern forests. You will see the Northern Lights, persistence and inspiration reflected there. They are real. Lively, wild. Genuine, unpretentious. Beautiful in their truthfulness. They come from eternally green forests where the potent, sweet/sour berries grow. They know when and where to collect them, how to prepare and present them. When summer comes, the city grows empty, the opera and cafes fall silent whilst the forests, birds, the sea and the marshes fill with sound. They are also in the forest, in the very center, picking berries, perhaps still wearing dancing shoes and diamond earrings. Hair entangled with pinecones and linden blossoms. Perhaps. They are magical. Their light doesn’t lie. 

our team


Our enthusiastic female team has an ability to see and love the world around us. NelleUlla reflects our experience and feelings about this colourful and diverse life.


Liene zemite

Chocolate for me is like paints for the artist. I paint with chocolate, and add some delightful berry taste to the colours. This fills me with immense joy, wonderful feelings and a smile.


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